6 Hour Understanding Florida's Wind Mitigation & Inspection Requirement

updated for 2012This course includes a comprehensive review of design fundamentals specific to wind loading, wind & hurricane mitigation methodologies and includes opening protection, gable-end bracing, secondary water barriers, roof-to-wall connections and roof-deck attachments used during re-roofing as required by Florida Statute Chapter 553 and the newly updated Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form OIR-B1-1802. At course completion students will understand the wind mitigation requirements relative to storm damage concerns, including re-inspection procedures.

Provides 6 Continuing Education Credits
Florida BCAI: 6 hr General (course CILB0609061)
Florida CILB: 6 hr Wind Mitigation (course 0609061)
Florida PEB: 6 hr Area of Practice (course 0006652)